OCA AsiaTown Voice

Founded in February 2013 – The OCA AsiaTown Voice kicked off with the Lunar New Year episode and has continued on every week providing our own voice! The Asian community in Northeast Ohio now have a voice on radio! With over 9000 listeners weekly, we are the voice of the Asian Pacific American Community in Northeast Ohio. Check out our FaceBook Page! AsiaTown Voice Theme Song is composed by Aryavarta Kumar.

Airing every Sunday on WJCU’s 88.7FM  from 7pm to 8pm. You can listen previously aired show here (some).

The show is hosted by Lisa Wong, Alex Alarcon, and Johnny Wu, and it will have many guest hosts through each programming.

You can listen by clicking on the episodes listed on the player with dark colored frame.

Interested to be in the show? AsiaTown Voice is pre-recorded 10 days prior of Sunday’s airdate (ie: Recording on June 21, airs June 30th), if you any upcoming events or would like to be in our show, please contact us!


AsiaTown Voice on WJCU 88.7FM Many Voices – Many Choices started on Feb 3, 2013


Got questions, comments, suggestions? Please let us know your thoguhts! or even sponsor our show by contacting us!