Asian Directory

Cleveland’s Asiatown and Asian Businesses

Cleveland, Ohio offers a number of authentic Asian restaurants, retail shops, and sights in Asiatown just east of downtown.

Shopping Centers

Asia Plaza, 2999 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Asian Town Center, 3820 Superior Avenue (OCA Dragon on display)

Golden Plaza,  3030 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Payne Commons, 3710 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Authentic Asian Restaurants

Bo Loong Chinese Restaurant, 3922 St Clair Avenue NE

Emperor’s Palace (Dim Sum), 2136 Rockwell Avenue (Chinese Zodiac Animal Statues)

Ha Ahn Korean Restaurant, 3030 Superior Avenue E

Han Chinese Kabob & Grill, 3710 Payne Ave

Koko Bakery, 3710 Payne Avenue

Korea House, 3700 Superior Avenue E

Li Wah Chinese Restaurant (Dim Sum), 2999 Payne Avenue

LJ Shanghai, 3142 Superior Avenue, (216) 400-6936 – NEW

Map of Thailand, 3710 Payne Avenue

Miega Korean Barbeque, 3820 Superior Avenue

Number One Pho, 3120 Superior Avenue E

Phusion Cafe (Taiwanese), 3030 Superior Avenue

Phở Hà Nam, 3820 Superior Avenue

Siam Café, 3951 St Clair Avenue NE

Superior Pho, 3030 Superior Avenue E

Szechuan Café, 2999 Payne Avenue

Szechuan Gourmet, 1735 E 36th Street

Wonton Gourmet & BBQ, 3211 Payne Avenue

Asian Grocery Stores

Asia Food Company, 3820 Superior Avenue

Cleveland Asia Market (CAM), 21200 Miles Road

Good Harvest Market, 3038 Payne Avenue

Kim’s Groceries, 3700 Superior Avenue

Nepali Grocery Store, 13859 Lorain Ave, Cleveland

Park to Shop, 1580 E 30th Street

Z Beverage & South Asian Groceries, 13712 Lorain Road, Cleveland

Tink Holl, 1735 E 36th Street

Asian Restaurants Downtown

Bombay Chaat, 2044 Euclid Ave

Chapati Indian Grill, 2215 Chester Ave

Otani Noodle, 234 Euclid Ave, Cleveland – NEW

Pho Thang Cafe, 815 Superior Ave E

Sung’s House, 1507 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

Vintage Tea & Coffee, 1816 E 12th Street

Select Asian Restaurants in Greater Cleveland

Kintaro All You Can Eat Sushi & Hot Pot, 7325 Northcliff Ave, Brooklyn

Minh Anh Vietnamese, 5428 Detroit Road, Cleveland

Otani Noodle, 11472 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

Seoul Garden, 5270 Pearl Rd, Parma

Other Asian Own Businesses

Asia Plaza Pharmacy, 2999 Payne Avenue, Cleveland

Bai Wei Herbal Store, 3820 Superior Avenue, Cleveland

Galaxy KTV, 1593 East 30th St., Cleveland, (216) 203-2222

Payne Laundromat, 3216 Payne Ave, (216) 515-1516

EMZY Salon, 26735 Brookpark Rd Ext, (440) 455-9415 (Westside)

Sisters Gift Shop, 2999 Payne Ave., Cleveland

Asian Service Organizations

Asian Evergreen Apartments (Senior Housing), 3843 Payne Avenue

Asian Services in Services Action, Inc., 3631 Perkins Avenue #2AW

International Community Health Center, 3820 Superior Avenue, 2nd Floor

Other Asian Non-Profit Organizations

Asian American Bar Association of Ohio

Association Of Indian Physicians Of Ohio – AIPO

Association of Philippine-American Physicians of Ohio (APPO)

Cleveland Asian Festival

Cleveland Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

Cleveland Chinese Senior Association

Federation of India Community Associations

Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Japanese Association of Northeast Ohio

Japanese American Citizen’s League Cleveland Chapter

Korean American Association of Greater Cleveland

MotivAsians for Cleveland

OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates, Greater Cleveland Chapter

Philippine American Society of Ohio

Cleveland’s Asian business directory, you can submit your business for listing, once it is approved, it will appear here. To submit your Asian business, please click here.

For more businesses around AsiaTown, click here for the list.

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